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TIANA & LELYANA laboratory/stage project 3h i 2 h - “The cycles of woman” (ART PROJECT)
This laboratory is a very exciting journey, which will be experience by all students. This trip is sentimental and dramatic in the same time, very impassionnated, symbolic and deep. Theatrical parts interlace smootlhy with tribal fusion style. This story is all about woman, about her joy and sadness, household and dreams on this earth.Union of women’s selfishness, feminism, powerful nature and connection with the seasons. WINTER. SPRING. SUMMER. AUTUMN. WOMAN – MOTHER- EARTH. Saving the strenght in the winter time. Filling with water and explode like a soft flower in the spring time. Having fun and joy in the summer. Celebrating autumn time like priestess. And the

Winter again… She is passing into oblivion to be born again. This sacral cycle – is a main purpose of our laboratory, which will be showed by the most sacred and ancient action – DANCE. We prepared a lot of surprises and technical attributes for you, which will help you to fit into an image! This laboratory is not only a dance classes, it is something more! It is an exciting game for you and us! Women in every age are welcome!

TIANA workshops:
I will show you the new way how to wake up your inner creator. We will work with connection between your moves and their meaning. I will share with you secrets how to be powerful and gorgeous on the stage in the same time. A lot of arm work is expected. We will finish with choreography for out stage project.

Nice challenge for all levels! Let's go outside the box! Fun, sweat and tears are expected!;)

LELYANA workshops:
1.Fire-Fairy /3h
This is a class based on the ancient Slavic tale “Fire-Fairy”. A theatrical show where the main roles will be played by the participants themselves. Thank to our fascinating choreography and elements of an improvisational game we will lure the spectator and whirl him around in our carefree girlish dancing circle. This dance is crafted in the old school tribal fusion technique with fast interchange of non-repeating movements and embroidered with the vivid patterns of the Russian folk dances. Concentration, fast reaction, neat technique and, of course, lightness – that's what we're going to work at. But that's not all. Our dance will be adorned by something no girl could do without in ancient times as well as now. What is it?

You'll see when we meet! Come to learn, stage and play! It will be real fun!

 2. WILD WOMAN Dance /2 h
This choreography is like the howl of a she-wolf, like a giant wave sweeping away everything in its range, like a strong rampant wind. This is a WOMAN who draws in the air, tears off her clothes and spins around in a wild, furious dance responding to the call of the very first ancient WOMAN. This dance is rich with a full range of spectacular elements: sumptuous hip lifts and drops, traveling steps and layerings, to which we add levels, momentum, awareness and freedom. Like wild animals and birds, we will follow the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of our womanhood that will unite all the participants of this class in a joint sacred rite. All levels.

Fusion set 3h
1. Menada Dance Collective - "Electro swing fusion" /1h
Krótka, zabawna i wymagająca choreografia do electro swinga w stylu Menady, czyli połączenie przeróżnych technik tanecznych. Prawdziwa fuzja tańców i świetna zabawa w jednym. :)

 2. Magdalena Wilczyńska - "Tańcz nogami" /1h
Poznamy dwie krókei lub jedną dłuższą sekwencję tribal fusion, w której użyjemy głównie naszych nóg i stóp. Wzbogacimy słownik tribalowych ruchów o ciekawe kroki, tupnięcia, twisty.Użyjemy pięt, palców, kolan, pojawią się również relacje ręka-noga ;). Warsztat zadowoli zarówno tancerki oldschoolowe jak i urban tribal.

 3. Iza Łogonowicz - "Undefined combos" /1h

 ATS set 3h -prowadzenie Agata Zakrzewska:
American Tribal Style® - umiejętności ekstremalne!
Warsztat dla wszystkich, którzy chcą wznieść swoje umiejętności ATS®owe na wyższy poziom. Zaczniemy od szlifowania podstawowej techniki i odkrywania istotnych detali – Agata z chęcią przekaże swoje odkrycia z tegorocznych szkoleń z Caroleną, Meghą, Kae i Kristine. Doszlifujemy i potrenujemy podstawowe kroki, by zbudować silną bazę dla bardziej skomplikowanych zagadnień. Celem będzie odkrycie wszelkich słabszych punktów w naszym tańcu. Popracujemy także nad komunikacją i uważnością w improwizacji – postaramy się poćwiczyć „bycie tu i teraz” oraz sprawdzić się w najbardziej złożonych rozwiązaniach przestrzennych.

Dla osób znających przynajmniej podstawy ATS®u: Taxeem, Bodywave, Shimmy, Pivot Bump, Egyptian Basic, Arabic.




(details soon)
Fusion set 3h
1. Menada Dance Collective "Electro swing Fusion" /1h
2. Magdalena Wilczyńska "Move your legs" /1h
3. Iza Logonowicz "Undefined combos" /1h

ATS set 3h Agata Zakrzewska
American Tribal Style® - extreme skills!
A class dedicated to bringing your ATS® to the next level. We will start by polishing our basic technique and exploring some important details – Agata will gladly share her discoveries from this summer’s intensives with Carolena, Megha, Kristine and Kae. We will drill and practise basic moves in order to build a strong base for more complicated concepts and check ourselves for all the weak points in our dancing. We will continue with communication skills and figure out the importance of being present and attentive in our improv. We will challenge ourselves with some advanced group concepts.
For people with basic knowledge of ATS® - you should know at least: Taxeem, Bodywave, Shimmy, Pivot Bump, Egyptian Basic, Arabic.




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